How to Fix Email Error Code 550 – Causes and Symptoms

Error Code 550

Well, this is the common issue while we are working with any email address then there may arise some technical errors and it can affect our work and users get irritated with this issue. Email error code 550 is one of the common errors with the email account.

The error 550 code occurs generally while the recipient’s mailbox is unavailable or you typed incorrect mail recipients. At this time users get a bounce-back message from server side with an email error code 550, and message body contains original message that you were trying to deliver.

550 error codes are reported by many users at the time of sending an email. 550 error defines that the problem with the recipient server which makes unable to send the email.

While facing this issue, the sender should send the emails to the recipient from the other server to prevent from the bounced back message.

Know All About Error Code 550?

Symptoms of Email Error Code 550:

  • Popup brings with the blog, contains “Message sending failed” message.
  • Server to server connection fails.

The cause of Email Error Code 550:

Recipient wrong address:

Sender bounce back message occurs when the recipient’s mail address is incorrect. Missing any alphabet or incorrect domain name shows a delivery failure message.

In other situation, there may be that recipient’s mail address has been deleted or removed permanently from the mail server. In this situation, recipient server is unable to deliver emails to the receiver.

Or misconfiguration and bugs at the recipient server can bring the error to the recipient mail servers.

Incorrect DNS settings:

If the DNS settings of the recipient’s domain are not correct then the error 550 can occur.

Solutions of Error Code 550:


Method 1:

  • Always be sure that email address you provided is correct there is not spelling or alphabet mistakes at receiver mail address.
  • If all things are correct then check the email account exists currently.

Method 2:

  • Always be sure that DNS settings are right otherwise you notice DNS issue or losing MX record
  • Contact to recipient server support and fix it.

Method 3:

  • Check all outgoing firewalls and rule, if all things are right, then contact recipient servers support and find email filter verified for any incorrect filters or rules that block emails.

Hope using the above instruction you can know that how to fix email error code 550. And still, if you face any technical issue then Gmail customer care phone number are always available for troubleshooting email account issues to call at 1-800-815-9383 get fix error code 550.

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