Causes of Gmail Error 554 & Complete Guide to fix it

Sometimes when a user wants to send an email using Gmail account then an error occurs as 554 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). SO many users are unaware that how to fix the error 554? The reason behind this error is varying according to email scenarios. You can try to send e-mail second time or can make it possible by making some changes in the mail. Mostly error occurred when the server considers that your e-mail address is spam or IP address is blacklisted.

Gmail shows this error, if the recipient address is not valid then “554 delivery error messages occurs.

Causes of E-mail Error 554

  • If the recipient e-mail account is not authenticated by the host’s mail server then 554 error occurs.
  • The mail server authenticates your e-mail account. The possibility that Mail server can reject your e-mail when recipient believes that your mail is spam or sending an error message.

How to Fix E-mail Error 554

  • The error 554 can be fixed by re-authenticating your account and again sending the mail to the recipients.
  • You need to delete your all emails of the outbox. If you have any important message, then save it as the draft. Then tap to “Send/Receive”. After completing this, you will be authenticated again.
  • Now you can send your emails. But before sending emails, you need to configure e-mail clients.
  • First, reach to ‘Tools’ after that tap to ‘E-mail Accounts’. Check ‘View or switch to new e-mail accounts’ and tap to ‘Next’.
  • Check your mail account and tap to “change” and select “More Settings”.
  • And then reach “Outgoing Server” and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
  • Then choose “Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail” and tap to OK tap to next and then finish.

Easy Ways to Prevent E-mail Error 554 Permanently

Gmail Customer Care

You can prevent from this e-mail error by considering the measures of your IP address or ISPs servers removed from the RBLs. In ISP, if any server is a spam, then you may see this error. You need to make a white list the senders so that you will not get this error message.

Using the above instructions you can get a way that how to fix e-mail error 554 in your mail account. And if you face any difficulty then get in touch with technical assistance number Gmail customer care phone number @ 1-800-815-9383.

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